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Catering Menu

Let us make your event special and food that your guests will love!


Samoosas-Spiced meat or vegetable in a crispy shell, warm and delicious with chutney dips.

  • Chicken

  • Beef

  • Vegetable

Pies- Delicious meat or vegetable wrapped and baked in puff pastry

  • Steak

  • Chicken and Mushroom

  • Vegetable

Sausage Rolls- Delicious sausage wrapped and baked in puff pastry


Bobotie -A cape Malay creation .Beef, spiced deliciously with fruit chutney and raisins. Topped with egg and apricots

Durban Indian Curry-Traditional Durban Curry served with savory rice and salad or Naan Bread 

  • Chicken Curry 

  • Lamb Curry

  • Vegetable Curry

  • Prawn Curry

Bunny Chow- Durban Indian Curry served in a soft white bread bowl with a side of salad

Peri –Peri Chicken -Chicken Thighs marinated in African birds eye chilli, served with rice, fries or over a salad.

Boerewors Chutney -South African Traditional sausage tossed in tomatoes, braised in onions and masala, Served with savory rice or in a roll.


Milktart -Buttery shortbread crust with a smooth, decadent milk filling and nutmeg sprinkle.

Melva Pudding -A rich traditional cake topped with custard.

Butter Biscuits


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